About us

We are the Manufacturer and Service Provider of the Robotic Cleaning Solutions for Solar Power Plants. We have built our product around two principles i.e. Robustness and Quality cleaning, as we highly believe that Solar Energy is the Robust form of energy as its source The Sun, the Products and the services built around it should acquire the same principles to provide the best value for the investment.

Pioneering in the field of robotic cleaning technology and we have been able to build this expertise into our product. Our Company has always maintained high standards of quality control throughout all stages of manufacturing, right from initial conceptualization to delivery. We are a client-centric organization and, therefore, focus on the customization of our product according to the needs of our customers.

We are innovators in the field of solar energy solutions. We offer life cycle solutions by empowering our customers with world-class solar cleaning solutions and ensuring maximum power generation. We are dedicated to creating sustainable solutions that deliver value and maximize performance.

Founded in the year 2018, Vayu has achieved endeavors at Local, National, and international levels. The company has done many successful projects along with benefiting the environment.

Our Vision

Vayu is driven by the vision to be a world-class company where the culture of continuous improvement is embodied by each individual to contribute to society and nature by adding value to the customers’ efforts of creating clean energy. We have dedicated ourselves to boost our society’s efforts by manufacturing and deploying our dry-cleaning machines for solar panels, saving a gallon of water for each module at a time.

Our Mission

Our primary mission is to eliminate the use of water from solar panel cleaning and save this precious resource for our future generations. We focus on bringing the cost of solar panel cleaning down to the lowest possible level and making it available to the smallest and most remote regions of the world.